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  1. fuck you pato, you lesbian bitch, I'll fucking rip your head off and shit down your throat hoe.
  2. swash it around in your mouth a bit.
  3. That's all for me, go ahead bust your fellow e-mc.
  4. on the other thread. Hey I saw that you said rewrited maybe you meant rewritten I'm here right now to tell ya'll that his flows are bittin villain must be skitzin but just settle down sit and listen I got some creative criticism we can use to construct some trust in this prison these kids in, the mind yet they don't have the time to think out they rhymes they keep tryin to go off the top but get smashed brain matter mashed can only be cleaned with a mop at this time I ask you all to please stop don't make jokes when you come through next time your words will likely choke your poor little throats take away all your air I know you're too arrogant but at least pretend to care for those that've met their fate it may not be too late come back and shake these kids with blank stares and make them use the buddy system next time as to lose the fake sound they better off in pairs.
  5. That's pretty gross. There could be "toys" on here.
  6. I prefer non synthetic El Mamerros....
  7. Socrates, come on save your hatred for other people that are worth hating.
  8. I thought men and women's brains functioned on different amounts of certain chemicals? Man I hope I'm not as wrong for saying that as I was for asking about that Vapors Magazine thing. I wouldn't have sex with a manmade woman.
  9. But you could always go to some place else for a change.
  10. I almost went to go find a picture to post here.... but then I remember, oh fuck it, someone else will post one. I've got one dollar on it.
  11. Too many are sarcastic. I think they want you to leave. Why wasn't this a pole?
  12. I'm just bumping this to the top so it's easy to find when I'm cool.... ya know, it's gonna be sooner than you can possibly imagine, like within 5 minutes I will have come back to tell you again that I'm real close. Ok.
  13. That hand was nice and really excrutiatingly difficult to follow. You couldn't have done it without all that skill that by far exceeds mine. Someday I will be able to be so badass in the graff world, and in you people's very eyes, on the streets of your city and your commuter trains and freights, that I can deny that this thread ever happened, and I ever was a clowned on hardcore. Just you wait. I've been painting with "tease", he's my mentor. Ok, I'll be back to tell you about it when I'm good enough to not post a thread like this, it's gonna be real soon.... watch.
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