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  1. Quit writing ALERT now. My homie will straight wreck you son.
  2. hell yes. i'm hype. now i can walk around my city with an ounce. i mean i always have but now its legal, sort of.
  3. biter begr kem nace, it's all good fam
  4. dabs really fresh. navy and gable too.
  5. that shit is hella funny.
  6. that kaput is on point. voice and dime for sure. ghouls lewis a2m boys.
  7. that last cavs and ghost is dope..
  8. crae regal erupto diet.... :shook: :shook:
  9. mob characters by voice and 'david' piece by voice.
  10. thanks poppy you got me hype.... son.
  11. that sky piece is fuckin hott. and the meca and fatso are tite.
  12. that last picture is dope.
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