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  1. i want to go back home but im not aloud to leave the country.
  2. BLACK METAL DEATH METAL SPEED METAL GRIND ass long as its metal i dont know about all these hardcore bands calling themselves metal tho whats your opions
  3. yes i noticed i have went from grind and crust and metal to listening to much gayer music also not exclusively but i listen to much more music now even if its gay.
  4. www.chingobling.com CHINGO BLING and CHOPAHOLIX
  5. i know how to fucking make a cake i just thought these shitty pans might be good it was for someones birthday idiot but i fucked it up i made another one it tured out ok but had to use a regular pan.
  6. you would all be my bitches im the HUNG MUTHER.
  7. So i get these dam non stick pans and they dont work for shit i take the cake out and it sticks completely to it fucking up my whole thing i was doing now i got a fucked up cake.
  8. ok dinner or a movie or someshit like that soon as you give a bitch straight cash for sex your a fucking lame.
  9. hummers are fucking for idiots man there to dam big hog up the road and fucking usless on everyday streets wow you drive the biggest car on the street good for you fucking moron.
  10. if i only still had mine the cops took it.
  11. dystopia


    did this they make you call in at the begining of the week and then they call you back they still havent ever called me back.
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