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  1. i want to some bridge over in monroeville and saw all these cleverly posted flyers for your band..nicce work
  2. jazzyfresh i need an older brother...will you be mine?
  3. Last night i was walking downtown to catch a few tags and i heard a rustle down an alley way..to make a long story short there was two guys beating the shit out of a homeless guy so i went down to help, i smashed some dude in the face and got his tooth stuck in my hand, while i went to the hospital and got it removed and got like 7 stitches hell of an awesome night.
  4. I just got over pinkeye it was pretty shitty.i woke up from a nap and my eye felt all irritated it pissed me off,then my bro was like hey yo you got pink eye.he wouldnt let me touch anything in his car and shit it was kind of funny. but yea i had it in one eye for 3 days then this one day i did acid and touched my other eye then i had it in both eyes for like 3 days.they were ejaculating everywhere....i thought it was just from the cumshots guess not:rolleyes:
  5. started out drinking soco black label....stumbled around for alittle bit,pissed on someones window, went to a party had jello shots, left fought someone then fought a dog....around 6 am i passed out
  6. wOw


    hey this you trying to have a friendly battle....i know theres a battle thread but fuck it... love, thatoner
  7. wOw


    not too shabby...im on the road to perdition
  8. wOw


    crazyness i write thatone maybe if its cool ill add a sketch or two
  9. wOw


    Riak you got real better in only a month....i wish i got better that quick when i first started
  10. at lunch my friends would just pick up shit and start throwing shit at people and when a teacher would walk up to them and be all get up and shit my friends usually flip out and try fighting the teacher which gets you a good bit of outta school....yea
  11. Say you are really awesome and i like the activ stuff..anywho im out
  12. wOw

    What Scares You?

    I too am in a crew of this sort its called VD visual distraction we just go around doing stupid shit like superglueing dildos to the floor in k mart and dropping 50 pounds of porn of the top floor of a mall in front of children....stupid stuff such as that but back on topic....i'm really scared of sharks and i would probably say earth worms and or slugs...nastyness
  13. where are the god damned pictures you baffoon!!:mad:
  14. I forgot on the really Motherfucker{But you gotta say it like Samuel L. Jackson,you know with that authority} wodie and or wodith and i exchange the word are for be sometimes such as "what you be doing" and "they be at that corner slanging dem onions"
  15. cumdumpster keister backend("she has that backend") plugging the pudding hole punishing the penis massive man muscle punching the pashion pit also the word bike has been flying around alot to be used in the context of "ey yo homie you bike dat yet" as referring to banging a hot female
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