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  1. YA'LL NEED TO STOP DRINKIN SO MUCH HATER-ADE I think it's good that virus is getting up, he's toy and all, but we all were at one point or another. Secondly, there's not a cop in israel that gives two shits about this forum, they have arab suicide bombers to worry about. And, can u blame him for posting on the paper chase section? sure it's the wrong one, but i mean damn, could u imagine the hate he'd get there.-----------------------MY 2 CENTS. to Virus, some commons sense shit here... Don't leave your face exposed in pics u show to the public. Always wear a hoodie or a hat or something to hide your face a little when u go bombing. VOYS or VOIS(voice), VARS, VERS, VIENS... pull out a dictionary if you have to.
  2. Yeah... what's up? Whuddya wanna know?
  3. :mad: :mad: :mad: YOU BIT THE BEJESUS OUT OF KoRN's (the rock band) CHARACTERS in the second pic. I'm talking about the guy holding a beer mug to the shroom. CHIZOMP!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. Decent themes, and characters. OK lettering, but eh, it just doesn't cream my twinkie...:o
  5. 3RDi-<SGM>-


    Clever, he's writing tetra in most of those, tetra meaning "4" of course.:loopy:
  6. 3RDi-<SGM>-


    So sick they need to be quarantined. Allow me to destroy my blackbook now...
  7. JAZZ WILL NEVER DIE it lives in so many forms. You've got the old stuff that real hip-hop (not hip-pop) people sample from. there's the old school artists that play everything off the top of the head, or with little planning. I love the swing era and the old shit from like the 30s to the 70s. Jazz will never die because it finds so many ways back into peoples ears.
  8. Ever heard of a blackbook? it's where you practice so you don't paint wack shit on the wall... supergenious
  9. 3RDi-<SGM>-


    FX and SUK. their shit is unstoppable, period.
  10. 3RDi (third eye). Hey wait, that's my name...:D
  11. On a second note... Please learn letterforms...
  12. that's pretty dissapointing. you need to pick up a book on perspective, but the other guys are right, don't even try 3Ds until you can write letters that are straight and flat.
  13. 3RDi-<SGM>-


  14. ever had the half-awake, half-asleep dreams where your eyes are open, and you're talking to people you think are in your room? I get those all the time, especially when i take nyquil. I once thought 3 of my friends were in my room, and i was talking to all of them really loudly. I remember my mom walking in and asking me who i was talking to. I told here my friends were here and she looked around for a sec then chuckled and closed the door. After that i offered everyone something to drink, went downstairs and got 3 sprites, but when i came back upstairs i was awake and they were gone. it was really strange. those sprites hit the spot though.
  15. 1) You bit the JesusChristAlmighty out of SUKs character. 2) The letter are getting better, i'll give you props for improving, but eh... 3) You wanna add two million more bubbles to that fill?
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