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  2. ok feedback is good ill post somemore l8a but memba i said they were quick and the other 1 is just 4 color purposes but some other people post quik shit!
  3. Just Something I did bored with a Ballpoint some more... and this is just me tryin 2 get a feel for coloring sketchs the letters are horrible but the fade i thought was aight Ok feel Free to rip these apart i know they aint the best and maybe i shouldnt have made a new thread but fuck it im only human holla bak
  4. READ perfect im plannin on doin that, so read cool?? ?????????????
  5. ok so u got D and E so ill pick R and A, ok so we can make any word out those 4 letters right????????????well thats what ima do, but since this shit took 4 eva sketchs due...umm......mon. hopfly u see this but lets just do letters no color, and 3d is in!!!!aight l8a
  6. ok ok srry pc probs fri ok now letters i do r and s or u do r and s?? damnit im confused
  7. aight thats koo charecters i dont care just black and white, no color set a date and im me on aim if ya can jinx2162k:yum:
  8. somebody battle me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OK OK OK I wanna battle someone, anyone!!! just plain outline with 3d no color whos down????? hit me up on aim if ya can jinx2162k
  10. ay moe MOE ca u im me i got some questions about the expressions thing, and i cant fuckin read the flyer that great, but if u can hit me up jinx2162k .......ARNO..........
  11. NICE RELEK Damn nice ish relek, im feelin that shit all the way up here in cleveland!!! 2 bad there aint stickers like that up here lol
  12. AY HECS AY HECS man whatsup wit that dude on the ladder sketch, bro that shit is slick 2 me 4 some reason im really fuckin feelin alot, man hit me up jinx2162k or just drop a line abouot it on here, man
  13. umm i neva heard of him b4, but hes slick, and simple charecters i so slick, most of mine are simple, but alot resemble his except all the mummy shit , iono is it cause simple or does everyone think i bit?
  14. ay VIRS ay VIRS u think u could send me some stickers so i can sell em on ebay, im sure u know u bein so famouse, that they should sell good, o and dont worry some of the money i get back from it, ill give u 2 enroll in some kinda drawing class:D
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