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  1. Why is it whenever an anti-graffiti crusader has their photo taken for the local rag they have to do a compulsary "Arms folded, stand to the side" pose? .....It's like when Asians get snap happy they feel the urge to throw a "peace" sign in their photos, and wacky rich kids @ shitty night clubs who throw gang signs in theirs. People need some new manuveurs (sp). :shook: Anyways, I was walking up Nelson St a few weeks ago and I saw that dude from Newmarket going into that swingers club CKK with an overweight Indian woman, so shame on his name.
  2. I like how you dont just post your own (or your own crews) shit 2tone.... shot. ;)
  3. Your right man, each to their own.... I guess I'd be bored with an album full of legal walls on the north shore but whatever floats your boat. And as far as your fashion tips, hey I heard your a bunch of rich kids from privelaged backgrounds with corn rows & over sized bball jerseys but I don't believe everything I hear... know what I mean? Anyways, I heard it's gangster to wear pink now anyways. And bask, get it right.... it's gza not wu tang, what were you thinking? :rolleyes:
  4. The best part is you actually think there's some weirdo korn fan out there rocking a "pink jacket" that does more bombing & steel in two weeks than you've done in your entire career, bummer :haha: chinese whsipers are awesome.... did you know not only does he wear a pink jacket, he also has one eye, a wooden leg & a parrot sitting on his shoulder? ...yeah cause dats wot i heard aye, my cuzin told me.
  5. By some & eats... trabkrackers
  6. Hey dickhead, I've got a quote for you... it wasn't in Subway Art so maybe it's not in your vocabulary, i'll give it a shot anyway, see if you understand it... here goes: "Fuck off you boring cunt, no one gives a shit"
  7. freights... upwards drips with a drop shadow.
  8. Please educate me on the ways of the panel VHT... You've done so much more quality work on em than me...
  9. Were they screaming about how crap your outlines were? ...actually, are you sure they weren't just laughing. Blitz, I remember OK... Loved his shit on the western springs motorway bridge along with phat, smack, gideon, etc... still see him around occasionally, glenora bears! I think he's still got an old throw up in Henderson valley that hasnt been buffed? By the headhunters pad/k mart...
  10. ^^^ Thats nice... The piece on the righthand side could maybe do with a few more outlines, can't read it... but that' just my opinion, still a good wall. :D
  11. That Dyle rules... as does the wall in town above with Askew & co. Alot of quality shit coming out, I likey.
  12. Re: just qurious... Nah there's not much of anything down those ways... I did see some bombing from Scream UPC in the deep south when I was down there but that was about it.
  13. Surely they're not pen tags on a train? :lol: :eek:
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