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  1. semin

    flix from me

    Dude, are you like dissing me? 'Graffiti Observer'? whoa.... he said graffiti observer... nimer
  2. semin

    flix from me

    whoa.. Newnan Georgia? that where i live. but i dont paint there. actually i dont paint at all. nimes. the assholes. the life crew. its fresh that you called your homie out for biting. i thought that was cool.
  3. oh word.... I havent known travis for too long but we kicked it hard for a minute. I saw him last in Baltimore like 3 or 4 weeks ago hella early in the morning. He came to atlanta from charlotte w/ mack and kicked for a bit and caught a ride w/ me to baltimore on his way to NY. he rode the whole 12 hours in the little ass extended part behind the seats of my ford pickup. no seats or anything, straight curled up on the floor. never muttered a single word of uncomfort. We went to an art show and his ass got us kicked out for being wreckless. dancing around like a maniac, they thought he'd hurt himself and booted us. He stayed w/ me at my house way in the woods w/ this super christian family i live with, if you know travis you know why thats funny. I kick myself because there was a piece scratch paper he tagged on in my room i threw away when i cleaned a few days before he died. We met cause he just called me one day. it was kinda wierd that he just called someone he never knew before. He was like 'this is travis...uhhhh bore..i heard your moving to atlanta' I'll be down that way, lets hang out.' i didnt know then how much of an impact he'd have on me. i reckon i still dont. whatever. too much to say. he wanted me to tattoo 'honor' across his throat. Anyways travis, you taught me some things. I'll remember them things. Ive got nothing but respect for travis and all those he loved. my condolences. nimes.
  4. post some kyle lts and stab. apes.felon.etc....
  5. semin


    dime will hurt you. in the heart.
  6. wow. free silver circle! The most up writer ANYWHERE! think about how much time and dedication this fella had to graf. Regardless of what side he was on, he clearly had more passion about graf than anybody. Anyways, hes lucky that he got caught by cops and not writers. Too bad for him his name's out. i imagine a lot of pissed off writers are already plotting. When i was in pdx i thought for sure he was in cahoots w/ cops, or that 'he' was actually a 'them'. "theres no way one person has so much 'ups' everywhere w/o being involved w/ police" thats what i thought. ha ha. man, he had to go out every night, almost everything was capped. crazy old trailer park bastard.
  7. word word I'd like to come up fer that show that there. going on. going on. if i dont work i'll try to...we should draw stick figures in the snow and shoot squirrels.
  8. game recognise game oh word? hello there to all of crazy creatures...and comendments on a job well done. A little piece of advise though, get Ikon and kid Waser off o' that blow. Lets paint soon...im moving away in the middle of march. holla at your dun. dunn. dunnn. .done. live from rappin 4-tays apartment, lil nimeo...assholes club...iws... emiter...hello again. no need for rash words... assholes is; nime(Pugs) al beaster jerm linksoe kwota and the lush in the northwest big moater $kill$ all you need to do to be down is stomp on four middle aged lady's toes. or kick out their high heels....word...lets to paint again brother enoemin@hotmail.com
  9. i'll fuck anything that moooves!!!! is said by dennis hopper in the movie Blue Velvet... word.
  10. semin


    word I was in austin like two years ago. It was fun, i painted a little (not enough probably that anyone out there remembers) but I remember eatfuk was up. Spot and Gomer pieces stood out to me. I met that dude Saint, he seemed cool. Word up to the Mojo's wall, some guy videotaped us painting. I got rolled on by the fives catching tags too...It was a fun filled week.....Probably find myself down there again someday... nimes.assholes.iws
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