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  1. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    Re: you all loved her so much... this puta is goin over real graf with her legal "art-work"
  2. http://thequickness.com/images/02_work-zephsf.jpg'>
  3. WSKrew

    Girls who rock

    http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index511.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index55.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/wpe7.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index57.jpg'> TRUE NYC BOMBER
  4. If T-kid is "The grand old man of graffiti" than what is Tracy168 :confused:
  5. Re: Re: Selling Canvas respect that.
  6. Re: Re: Graff on DVD? :lol: just gotta laught at the "LA graffiti scene" for being 20 years behind and out of date. The "artform" is vandalism, not legals
  7. http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images4/index27.gif'>
  8. ohjeez, kill john ashcroft cause here it is: http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images4/wpeD.jpg'>
  9. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    http://phreeque.tripod.com/jandal_sisters.JPG'> ^ this one would be good for mailboxes and other low levels, spiderin' around and taggin shit :lol:
  10. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    ch-ch-check it out http://phreeque.tripod.com/abbybrittybball.jpg'> One head bombs. The other head scans for five oh. The ultimate bitch.
  11. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    :lol: and those stupid ghetto slippers
  12. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    thats cause she IS casually painting, with a paintbrush, in the daytime, la di da di la....:confused: that other girl bjay, thats called "Graffiti". see the difference? stop lookin at her ass, its better than urs, get over it, appreciate the graf.
  13. WSKrew

    Graff Girls

    sounds like a party. wheres the graff and the girls? I see the more pics of girls in the ny thread :lol: :lol:
  14. Yea but if you do it on LI no ones going to see it so who cares, stupid?
  15. lol Toys dont count, baldy.
  16. The difference is there are spots in the boros that get mad respect, along train lines and highways and streets. LI doesnt have any of that.
  17. Dont be retarded. First, find your capslock key and calm the fuck down. Second, Queens is on an island thats long, but LI is Nassau / Suffolk, and Queens / BK is NYC. The reason LI gets no respect is LI writers just bomb LI. Being a king on LI means nothing anywhere else.
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