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  1. Re: you all loved her so much... this puta is goin over real graf with her legal "art-work"
  2. http://thequickness.com/images/02_work-zephsf.jpg'>
  3. http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index511.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index55.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/wpe7.jpg'> http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images3/index57.jpg'> TRUE NYC BOMBER
  4. If T-kid is "The grand old man of graffiti" than what is Tracy168 :confused:
  5. Re: Re: Selling Canvas respect that.
  6. Re: Re: Graff on DVD? :lol: just gotta laught at the "LA graffiti scene" for being 20 years behind and out of date. The "artform" is vandalism, not legals
  7. http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images4/index27.gif'>
  8. ohjeez, kill john ashcroft cause here it is: http://www.insanefame.com/flix/images4/wpeD.jpg'>
  9. http://phreeque.tripod.com/jandal_sisters.JPG'> ^ this one would be good for mailboxes and other low levels, spiderin' around and taggin shit :lol:
  10. ch-ch-check it out http://phreeque.tripod.com/abbybrittybball.jpg'> One head bombs. The other head scans for five oh. The ultimate bitch.
  11. :lol: and those stupid ghetto slippers
  12. thats cause she IS casually painting, with a paintbrush, in the daytime, la di da di la....:confused: that other girl bjay, thats called "Graffiti". see the difference? stop lookin at her ass, its better than urs, get over it, appreciate the graf.
  13. sounds like a party. wheres the graff and the girls? I see the more pics of girls in the ny thread :lol: :lol:
  14. Yea but if you do it on LI no ones going to see it so who cares, stupid?
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