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  1. dope new thread !!! some really fresh stuff on here! ill find some nyc joints 2 post...
  2. these guys r really killing it makes me miss sf .
  3. HERT dever eye damo hence e2e virus that astro dime
  4. yeah really^^ do you mean muni tunnels?
  5. looks like a pretty good day, damn.. i usualy end up benching intermodels for hours there.
  6. nice!...alot of quality stufff feeling those shark pcs that bare is real dope i allways liked that classic sace toper rime roof
  7. i like that pores mber high.
  8. "buk wild king kongs." this line has me cracking up
  9. quake has allways been one of my favs ... pastime,defie,delto,jenks..wasent skert in lords i might be mistaken.got any dest fliks? that guy has some dope shit. ive got some old fliks of the thunderdome gonna have to dig em up.
  10. yo lecter........nyc fr8s?????????plan and simple title
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