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  1. be carefull in underground structures because of hazordess atmosphere, I suppose that this is pretty much common sence, but you never know when some smart guy is going to dump some fuel into the storm system to ditch it.
  2. loyd

    Did You Know?

    back in the day when they did not like you but still did not feel it was appropriate to kill you they would burn down your house to force you out of town, hence you are fired
  3. the concept that hurting or fucking over another person is enforcing karma does not really hold water
  4. that is some funny shit maynard
  5. loyd


    whatever name you choose I would avoid connor, whenever I go to the playground there are bunches of kids with that name
  6. einstiens dreams is a book I buy for people in the hospital because I think it is a nice distraction for them, Voices of the first day by Robert Taylor Pasta
  7. OK, Drink a 40 (old english or big bear) to just past the top of the label, then pour a bottle of guiness into it. that it some good loving.
  8. I think that themes have a tremendous amout of power to them, and I think that it takes size to really have it hit home. When I look at pictures of the old wholecar subways I think about the moment people saw them and how it must have captured their imagination. I do not know if most writers would think that this is corny but I would like to see more work that appeals to children, and not just on trains.
  9. Storming Heaven, LSD and the American dream by Jay Stevens
  10. not mine, read about it in the crime section of a local paper a couple years back. Guy gets picked up at bar by an attractive woman who takes him to the edgewatter, which is a hotel that frank zappa included in a song. Anyway they fuck and she says I want you to tie me up and give it to me, so he does and after she askes to tie him up, he agrees and then she leaves and a man comes out of the closet wearing a batman costume, I imagine you can figure out the rest. tragic really
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