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    say man, shut the fuck up, you've came in this thread time and time again saying stupid shit, begging for attention. ease up on the stupid comments, and get off wonka's nuts. he's a big boy and he knows how to talk to baby puncher without you protecting his dignity/nuts/honor or what have you. grow up.
  2. cheating to me is physical touching yes, kissing, grabbing, fondling, whatever. and to me, i don't think she should be giving her phone number out to guys who HIT ON HER, because there intentions are to egt with her, and girls know that shit, i'm not saying she can't have guy friends, but when a guy hits on her, thats alot different then if a guy in her class gets her number to study or some friendly type shit. know what i mean? i mean why does she need to give her number out to some cornball who is trynig to fuck her when she gots me? thats how i feel about the number thing.. cheate
  3. 1 last point, when you cheat on someone, say i cheat on some girl, then that breaks down her ideoligies of a meaningful relationship, so she might get that viewpoint that no matter what she does, her mans going to cheat, so her next few relationships she might cheat, and she might cheat on a decent guy who was faithful, and then that all becomes a never ending ring of unfaithful cheaters.. and that's what i was trying to say above, is that just how it is now a days, or what. thoughts?
  4. i hope this topic can be like the RAPE one, although it's nowhere near as serious, maybe it is, but i'd like to see it stay on point and remain serious. alright, i thought this up, because earlier today, i talked to this chick i'm talking to, and she informed me that she has like another dude on tha side, now i am not her man, correct, but i don't want her seeing other dudes while she is talking to me, we've talked about getting together, and hopefully we will, and it can be just me and her. i haven't been in to many relationships, but when i am, i'm very commited, i wouldn't ever ch


    i don't like when girls get drunk, i seriously don't knwo if i want a wife that drinks, or if she does, she would definately have to be a light drinker. i just can't get down with people who let mind altering substances (beer, liquor, weed, whatever) be their excuse in life. i mean, no matter what i've done in my life, before i do things, i think of the consequences, if i paint i know i could maybe get caught, and if i drink and drive i realise i might kill someone or what have you, whatever it is, i'm aware of the end results. i can't stand girls who drink until they don't know
  6. haha word, 414 set like whoa! taking it back! :D shhhh
  7. iceberg, come on babyboy, i said i was fucking with you, you must have skipped one of my posts, i would have swarn you would have figured me out, guess not. but no, i have got jacked, for my car rims, but at the time i didnt have a gun and also didn't know i was getting jacked, but if i did have a gun and did see them jacking me, i would have ran out my house shooting yes. i hate thieves and i hate getting jacked, it's a shitty feeling. and no im not a net gangster like you are, BABYBOY, HOODIE HOO, THROW YO SET CUZ! and all that shit. ha ha ha you sure do get heated even
  8. i love ass and thighs and boobs and girls


    WONKA- that's some pretty disturbing shit to know that you knew about that shit and didn't say anything or just kind of ignored it, those are some shady cats your friends are.
  10. man yall get so many and we see so few, whats with that! (first flik) great post..


    my sister is also away at college and i told her if some asshole ever tries to violate her or rapes her i better hear about it right away, i told her fuck all that being scared shit i'm gonna handle that mother fucker! that shit gets me heated just thinking about that shit. and i've thoguht about rape, not really doing it, but just imagining what you'd have to go through to do it, and it disgusts me, i charish women with all i got, and i don't see how someone could sit there and do that to such a beautiful thing while they are kicking and screaming and crying and all that, its pothetic.


    there is a fine line between rape and willing, i think alot of insecure girls get caught up in the whole "mayeb i should have sex to be cool" type of thing, and then when they do it or almost do it, they panic because they know deep down they really didn't want to in the begginning and then they try to play it off as rape instead of insecurity. one time, this sort of happened to me, and i was appauled because i would never do such a thing, i hate rapists, and i'd kill a guy if they ever did that to my mom or sister, no questions asked. however in my situation, me and this one girl, w
  13. miss those good ole days of crae and wyse style..
  14. crae wyse eruptoe and that sight is real nice!
  15. take advantage while you can! i'd kill to be 16 again, the girls these days are WHOA, and think they need to have sex asap! :D
  16. thanks NOMADAWHAT! whats BDP stand for though?
  17. JK ICEBERG MONEY unlike iceberg, you are wise beyond your years... :D
  18. who is that by? artist/cd?
  19. me to man, me to. life ain't easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. ya know?
  20. dude, those people over there are only 4/7's a person, not even a whole person! we can spare a few.. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no im just kidding, and my first remark was a joke as well.
  21. iceberg, go have a kid, tell him to steal my ride, and ill shoot him in the face, and then chill in my house until you come to save the day, and when you step on my property and try to come inside my house, i'll shoot you in the face, and then we won't have to worry about shit.
  22. iceberg, you mofucker, ehhe.. i feel bad that kid had to lose his life over stealing a car, and yes, he probaly did have a ruff upbringing, but that doesnt mean he should have stole the car. i blame his parents for the mess he got caught up in, first off, however, the choice he made WAS HIS, iceberg. you can say whatever you want about that kids life, his struggles, cry me a fucking river yo, he still stole ole dudes car... stupid mistake. i would have shot at him to, not to kill but i woulda shot at him, i wouldnt have been mad if i killed him either, but i wouldnt have tried t
  23. why not, how we gonna 'get our roll on' here if we have no gas? tha bus? pshhhhhh come on now.
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