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  1. shut up bitch, im bored, and curious i guess, dezn's been around a long time and i didn't see this one coming from a mile away. so fuck off.
  2. congrats man, was it planned or not? you don't seem to worried about it. you like your girl enough to marry her or how is that all going to work out? oh yea, boy or girl?
  3. how do you fix this shit? i shaved my nuts and i think a hair or two came back in wrong or some shit, do you just gotta wait it out or what? :mad:
  4. ahahhaah, i've been getting with a few different girls in less than a month, which is really a shock to me, because i'm usually not like this, but not that it's happening i can't stop. but i'm starting to feel bad about it to, so i don't know what i'm going to do. and WONKA- that second one looks good, i like lip glossed up chicks.
  5. who is that on that blue golden west???? kero?
  6. man o man, i feel your pain guy, that girl is gorgeous. what is she puertorican? on b.e.t comedy show one day, and the dude was talking about girls with the 'bomb' pussy, he said he doesn't even wanna fuck with those types, because when ya'll break up you get all suicidal hahahaahahh, he was hilarious.
  7. whats this about? who? come again? somebody fill me in..
  8. yall are on some crazy shit! nice highway spots, wild stuff.
  9. -love -fuck -gay and most of all "NO" "noooooooo thumbs, stop it, i dont want to NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" hate when that happens..
  10. i see nothing wrong with it.. just like meeting some stranger somewhere else, just make sure you get a few piks of the person in different flicks or whatever.
  11. horrible joke! happppppppppppppppppppppy bday girl!
  12. TOSTITOS BOWL!!! HOLY FUCK WHAT A GOOD GAME! who are you guys going for??? i don't have a favorite, but i gotta give it up to the BUCKEYES for having heart!
  13. 1st- come home from a wonderful 4 day weekend in another city. 2nd- be a man and perform open heart surgery on your vehichle (if needed) and replace the battery. 3rd- get hit up on the telephone by a beautiful female from your past, and have her request a casual encounter that same night. 4th- look like me when you show up, so you get laid like i did. :crazy: 5th- if the sex was as good as the stuff i just had, proceed to get $20 bucks outta your atm and goto jack in tha box for some "after sex food" then prepare to enjoy your upcoming week. the end. *copyrighted
  14. so what do you think i should do??? i am going back to my city tomarrow, its about 2 hours away from where im at now? should i try to get my money back from my boy and tell him i aint feeling his deal, or should i just stick it out, i believe in karma to, and i was hoping that he didn't get it from a persons house (i was hoping from a store, cuz i wouldn't have felt so bad) i'm cool if he don't get caught though i guess, and even if he does, which he might, i don't think he'd say he sold it to me, he looks up to me an shit, but you never know when shit hits tha fan, say he did say i
  15. well that's kind of gay, i don't think he'd say he sold it to me but you never know, what happens if they do come for me though? what happens if they can't find it on me????
  16. that so huh... mr. eatmyasshole, how'd i know it was stolen? besides all that, if anything i'd just ask for my money back and then give the camera to the officers, and if they said no and tried to take the camera, i'd smash it on tha ground.
  17. i can't stand punk ass kids these days, i used to be one i guess you could say, glad to say i grew out of it, but yea those fags are getting worse day by day. i'm at the point where i just don't give a fuck about people besides my family and my few close friends, and some significant females i care about, and thats it. when im walking in the mall and i see some lil bastards that look hard headed coming along, gang bangers or whatever they think they are, i just keep a straight path and i'll only try to move/turn sideways if they do the same, if they think they are just going to bump into me, i
  18. haha, good i was worrying i paid to much, and just for the record i didnt steal anything, nor do i partake in stealing things, i just bought this and it happened to be stolen i guess. i can't get in trouble. but yes, my conscience is bothering me, mainly because the fuck up friend of mine i got it from is an idiot and i think he is going to get caught, oh well, i'll be hundreds of miles away in a day or so :D
  19. pardon me, he borrowed it from a friend and sold it to me relatively cheaply. my baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  20. there we go, someone who can appreciate stolen shit. :D he gots a playstation2 for $50 he can get you a pentium4 comp for $210 -w/monitor for $500 aiwa stereo $50 tv $200 kid is like the santa claus of tha ghetto..
  21. 2nd. i guess you guys don't got the hook up, stubborn mutha fuckas!
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