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  1. your tattoo sounds like it sucks, and your homie got shot, DOUBLE WIDE!!!
  2. cute kido, she is going to hate your ass for naming her justice angel though..:D
  3. meaning what? jesus christ, i just got a crazy ass email from this chick i just banged, talking about some crazy shit. i swear, some females don't think before they jump on my dick, she shoulda known we couldn't be 'bf/gf' status. dam, girls shock me sometimes with the crazy shit they think. maybe i just don't realise the power of my pecker. :eek:
  4. hey wonka, im in the same boat. recently i've not taken the time, nor put in the effort to meet a decent girl that respects herself enough to not sleep with my sexy ass to quickly. i want to find a girl who is cool enough to just hang out with and around, without doing sexual stuff, for atleast a little while, so we can have some grounds besides sex, for being with one another. and it hasnt happened yet. mainly because i'm so horny all the time i crave for sexual stimulation or what have you, and if the girl isnt down i move on. my sister was right though, i'm not going to get
  5. word, i feel you on the crazy bitches, i had one of those recently, almost wished i didnt fuck her because bitch is to crazy, im scared to leave my car outside here incase she some how flips out and tries to fuck up my ride. i'd kill that hoe! :D if she that crazy like you say she is, i'd let her go easily and try not to fuck with her much.
  6. well why don't you want to be together anymore? personally i think it's dope when you break up and can remain friends with your ex girl, because then its like that pussy is always yours. i'd call if you [plan on hitting it again. tell her you had fun and enjoyed her company..
  7. yea fuck weed, get high off pussy, its free if you got game to..
  8. whoever asks the other person on the date should pay? well if that was true it would always be me! no girl is going to ask me out, i'm not that fine shit! hate when girls say that shit.. SHUTMDOWN!- thanks for the advice man, i'll put in some work + overtime :D
  9. i can't see shit but X's either, sounds like you got some good shit to, so hurry up and fix it!
  10. DOLR- im 21, need to go chill in the bars i know, but im not a big drinker unless im around women anyways, and plus im kinda broke, so i dont have extra money to blow on expensive beers/drinks at a bar anyways. plus i need a good girl, not some slut from the bar. and the girls im referring to, are like college chicks, and i didn't mean my best friend in the world who happens to be a girl, there is no such thing as a friend that is a girl, and happens to be "fine" to me, can't be a friend cuz i'll constantly be trying to fuck her. plus, i never get put in the friend category, they eit
  11. also, say it's like a good friend of yours, or a semi good friend, but you like her, or have a crush on her, whatever, if you take her out to eat, and pay and to the movies and pay, how much do you try to get out of her? just a kiss? maybe more? play it by ear? i hate taking girls out, especially girls i like but don't know if they are feeling me, and then paying for all their shit and entertainment, and then not trying anything on them because i'm real hesitant to make a move when I don't know the girl likes me or not. do ya'll just go for it or how far do you push things?
  12. i don't date to often, but i kind of want to get back into it, when you guys take girls on a date, do you pay for everything? open car doors? how far do you take it when it comes to spending money and treating them like a queen and all that good stuff? i'd like to know, and also what type of girls they are, like say it's a casual friend, but you kind of like her, or someone you've been talking to for a little bit, and so on, how far do you go on throwing down the money and to what extent for which girls?
  13. good stuff people keep it up, slie kills it.
  14. dude, your girl is not only your girl, but she is every guy's 'girl' at her job. where you think that bonus comes from? :D
  15. justice angel? i hope your kidding.
  16. sodas,graffiti,girls,porn,pussy
  17. haha yea it does, im looking forward to seeing all the new girls though, i love college women. on the books tip though, i'm waiting til the first day or two of class, mother fuckers in the bookstore got like 4 of my books wrong last semester and i had to return them, those fucking bastards.
  18. i agree, definately not ill enough to be talking about others..
  19. i am highly involved in observing things around me, or people, especially when they are strangers or i'm trying to figure them out, get inside their heads and predict their intentions/next moves etc. i was wondering around a few like dating game type sites, looking and reading the girl's turn ons/turn off's, wants/dislikes etc, and there are always certain similiarities. one thing i don't get though is when they put "i hate guys who are just in it for the sex..." ummm, ladies, that's all we want you for, is sex. and i'm not trying to be a dick head or anything, but we all know,
  20. that sucks man, getting robbed is similiar to getting raped, you just feel violated, i haven't gotten robbed really, but tons of people around me have, we the lucky house on the block i guess.
  21. peep ole dudes screenname who started the thread yo, yea...
  22. so does anyone know what tha fuck you do to fix them?
  23. aka mad fuckable? :D soooooooooooooooooooooooo, tell us all the good things she could do :) details! was the pussy really wet?
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