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  1. ...and the sex story... just got back in today, and saw one of my chicks, area codes nawmean ;) but anyways, got brains, and she swallowed my dna, and then i was laying half naked in her bed with her blanket on me, and she was sitting in a chair across the room, and all of a sudden, her step dad pops up in the doorway and see's me loungin, and i'm like who tha fuck, cuz he was kinda short and whatever, not to old, and he is like "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU" so i smile and replied: "IM TEASER" :D shit was crazy as fuck, totally wack, and then i bounced to catch up with my boy for lunc
  2. hey whats up people, just thought i'd stop in and say whats up, been busy as hell lately, got into some intermural basketball league and school is going pretty dam good, meeting new people and being more social, good times. my computer monitor blew up and thats why i havent been on at all, but it was kind of a blessing in a way, i got out more, meet some cool people, doing better in school, shits going good. still looking for a good girl though, but it will come eventually. even started seeing a counselor and its pretty dope to just shoot the shit with someone and here what they got to sa
  3. SUKI SUKI NOW MUTHA FUCKA! hahahahah had to say that :D sounds to me like you don't know what you want, typical of any woman! gonna get it for that one huh! haha, but yea, you girls all play the same stupid games. see, let a nice guy try to hit on you, he just wants to put in time and effort for you, treat you good and take care of you, and then you go limiting the times you hang out with him and want to recieve calls, but then we he flips the scrip on you, or its a guy normally out of your league, then you get all desperate and are all flipping out cuz he isnt calling enough or want
  4. DONT GO! only pussies quit, and plus, all the coolest kids on this site have been banned anyways. i haven't seen what you've done wrong,so hang in there. ps- maybe 'smart' was just trying to scare you into sending him some new pussy piks :beat:
  5. i bust flows, like i bust nuts in hoes, and thats like everydaaaaaaaaaaaay, i get paid and laid like it aint no thing girls just love my ding-a-ling this freestyle flow is right off tha top got your girl sucking my dick like a lollypop my shits so good they come for thirds i even stick my dick where she poops turds..
  6. hahahaha, that is some good stuff right there..
  7. hey bodice, your signature is dope as fuck, that shit made me chuckle, thumbs up to you. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon26.gif'>
  8. i can just imagine the convo's mine would have: ex- "i loved his big dick, don't you?" new girl- "yes, i do, i love how he checks my tonsils everytime i give him head" ex- "yea i feel you, have you let that monster fuck you in tha ass?" new girl- "ofcourse, his game is mad tight, he got that the first night" ex- "you to, dam, i forgot how good his game really was! he is such a sweetheart" new girl- "well, im kinda bi, you want to get down with me and him tonight???" me- "yea, that sounds like a plan"
  9. fuck HER and leave HER like the piece of ASS she is... :mad: :heated: jk ladies, you know i love them, then leave them :D
  11. I FOUND IT!!! ITS MAD GANGSTER AND FOR FREE!!! http://blazinggames.com/ur/volume1/episode08.html
  12. BIGJOE- is that it? the name of the game? god i fucking miss that game, anyone think there is a very similiar version online for the pc???? god that game was so fucking dope. i loved how after you shot a missle it would leave a little traser behind it and then after you'd miss a few times the lines were all crazy an shit..
  13. he was caught being afganistani past 6pm in the airport! hate to see it, hate to see it..
  14. have you had sex with them at this point? i run into that alot to, i like seeing how fast i can get something from the girl, and when i get it, i'm like ewwwwwwww, dirty slut. not seriously, but it does tend to bother me and i'm like, i don't want her anymore. (until the next time im horny ofcourse) and that's bad, very bad i know, but i can't help it, i need a solid girlfriend. fuck.
  15. post one of your baby momma! preferrably before you knocked her up! :idea:
  16. i want to get something done, but for the life of me can't think of anything that has some sacred/deep meaning. fuck.
  17. well, i told her you said hi, but her mouth is a little full right now, but i think she tried to say "HI" back, and yea, its a bit personal you could say right now.. :crazy: haha, i'm just kidding d'lush, i have no idea where she is.
  18. bodiceeeeeeeeee- whats up girl, :D i was just playing, but yea, thats a pretty cool tat. what are you others and what do they mean?
  19. ^^^^^^^^^ deliss is fine, i'm looking at the top of her head right now :crazy:
  20. http://www.vandaveer.com/cgi-bin/cannon/cannon.cgi there goes a crappy immitation of the game..
  21. for reals man! i'd fucking go buy an old apple computer just to have that game again! that was about the dopest fucking think in elementary school besides taking a nap! i couldn't wait to get up in the computer lab to go play that game. WEAPON X!!! it was in the same time frame as those games you posted, find the one i'm talking about!
  22. i looked up flux and it doesnt mean change, but if it did that would be a pretty cool concept :D
  23. does anyone remember a game that was on apple computers, it was old school, like when you were elementary school status, and in the game: you and a friend each had a castle and you were on other sides of the screen, and you had to adjust the up and down of how your canon would fire and the amount of power and try to take out their castle?? anyone know what that game was called and if there is a newer version or any version for windows?
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