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  1. yeah, okay, but come on now don't write his name Quoted post [/b] yeah really....get your own name and while you're at it learn how to paint a peice
  2. C'MON CHEER, YOU SEE WHO'S ON TOP... PRISM IS LIKE THIN LIZZIE LOL... Quoted post [/b] I might be a lezzie..but I a'int never been a lizzie....and you know I ain't as thin as I used to be..........thats a great flick of that I'm glad it got caught
  3. no, NSF, CSN, PFG.........................There is no other PRISM!
  4. hey, I can't be responsible for other peoples shortcomings???? Isn't this the same excuse most of your boyz use in regards to your actions????? by the way Force wasn't there thats what messed it up???? You still got caught redhanded fanning out!!!!!!
  5. Does it look as salty as your face when you went to Time Bomb and meet Kwest this week????By the way ask FAT COP what your sister said when we called looking for you later that day.......? P.S. we're even for the side bust on the Tropa.....
  6. Re: Re: mikro pecker <--- holy fuck thats clever. YOU ARE BOTH FAGS!!!!
  7. Hey glass castle put the stones away,,,,,,,,,,,,, I don't exactly remember the last time I saw a Mikro peice that got me hyped............
  8. just some comments Graffiti was alot more fun before the internet????? Before cats who would have otherwise been collecting comic books or trying to pledge a FRAT or sniifing their sisters soiled panties...started biting Saber and hittin wack rooftops (yeah I'm callin you out)... Before regional style was lost for the favorable style of the month??If you are going to bite at least do the originator credit by painting well. Back when if you had Beef you took it to the street/yard or threw the hands...It's safe to hide behind a screen!! Back before you put on a uniform that screemed HEY LOOK AT ME I'M A WRITER!!!!! Trendy Fags POST FLICKS DON"T ACT LIKE CHICKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BITCHES Oh and P.S. most of you young cats (other than the obvious over achievers) It's not your fault you were a generation late, raised by MTV and looked up to me and my partners and wondered how could I be like them???? It's your mother's fault, she should have concieved with a stronger mate and took your diapers off long before middle school...
  9. ]http://www.seakmac.com/files/115_1522_IMGweb.JPG'> Yeah and he spells it like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: BIG UPS TO CREAM, FOR THE ASSIST... Yeah you know how CSNSF/PFG Do.....Cream money with the assist Fist and Prism always with the Hat Trick
  11. Re: ...Drunk..woo..hooo The Real Steel Hot for teacher......................BA/NSF definitly need to leave the Stroh alone...Fun weekend hope to kick it with you cats again soon
  12. Real Nise That Niser peice is hot.........
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