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  1. i stopped smoking about a month ago, and i already feel much healthier. i advise others to do the same.
  2. yo i hate this shit, i was with a girl for a little while who tried to pull this type of reverse psychology crap on me. she would take insignificant things i had said meaning no harm and turn them into a reason to fight and tell her shitty friends how much of an asshole i was. So i just decided to start treating her how she obviously wanted to be treated -- that shit worked like a charm. she ate up the asshole routine for a long time...bitches is crazy.
  3. this girl is fucking adorable...i only bumped it for her.
  4. Hell yeah. Tomorow is going to be awesome, i can't wait to wake up so i can start drinking.
  5. oh man...the slow motion shot was the best. i couldnt believe that dude went down after one punch.
  6. Prae1Boston


    "cookd coke" :mad2:
  7. how about a job? i heard you get paid for having one of those.
  8. picture taken from none other than...myspace. i would love for this shit to be shut down.
  9. Prae1Boston


    bump for this dude shout out from the east coast!
  10. oh no, i've always been a twins fan and kirby puckett fan...RIP.
  11. this dude sucks. people like you make this country suck too.
  12. rightclick, save edit: peep the post count :shook:
  13. SKINNY WHITEBOY TOOTHPICK yea thats what they call me, so wassup?
  14. yeah alure, you're hot. I can spell and I have good grammar...call me.
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