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  1. *DEAD*

    h4x0r life.

    8u)^(p i drank your oil fool... priceless
  2. BiBi West Coast 1.5 server more later
  3. post your server IP's here ill get some later
  4. first, pick ip a writing utensil, then make contact with a writing surface......................
  5. nice sketches but no color.... oh well
  6. *DEAD*


    ill maneating cacti bank robber
  7. *DEAD*


    mmm pancakes bump for the cat
  8. no asky stupid questions ahhahaha props spec:lol:
  9. the first one is dope, but the second looks like a scene from lord of the rings bump for dwarfs
  10. *DEAD*

    Spec's sketches

    bump for red x's and those ill sketches
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