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    bridge...R.I.P. KOCH IS (definitely) THRU!
  2. r.i.p. kd did somethin for him on a roof forgot where it was, bomb the cityyy!
  3. have you even met Yes2? his handstyle is wack but he nasty in piecing he can burn my ass anyday
  4. Kadism is nastyyy in handstyle
  5. we lovveeeeeeeeee vs don't we??
  6. moron TWIST got the best handstyle
  7. just go to the tattoo parlor you big baby...well that is if you get a chance to come over
  8. yo who is this mothafucka ya be hatin on so much? i see ALL of your posts with the signature...Nightowls..fuck you Nightowls...fuck your anal sex loving mother and bullshit... what this guy do? mind me im just curious just incase some toys wanna talk shit
  9. god boy you need a hobby...:dazed:
  10. I wish i can play for the Dallas Cowboys!!! WOOOOOO!!!
  11. Re: Re: Re: Re: most of em r pretty fucken ugly but here they are hahaha word...those girls look like they got hit in the face wit a wrench
  12. umm...let's see...Piecing is to make things look pretty i piece over ugly throwies and shit and vandalized project walls but to go out of your way to bomb and to make your mark on the city that's IZ THE WIZ style..Im out for fame hombre, So bomb the shit outta the city, mark your territory but piece to let them know you own it fuck the hypocracy DO WAT YOU WANNA DO! You out to write your name in any shape or form...inter city youth is out to destroy!!! Peace Homie:king:
  13. KAZONE


    Go to the Phun Factory the best characters I ever seen or the hall o' fame in harlem check it out you'll get some inspiration and it WILL explain how characters effect graffiti
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