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Everything posted by QueaZyFunK

  1. ill tell you how to improve your skills. you draw and draw. you draw all fuckin night long.
  2. My man Eazzz killin it! Yo homeboy I was at your grandma's today. Quoted post while you there i was at your house, chillin with your girl haha
  3. you had just had a little wacky tabaccy. you'll be just fine, your getting worked up over nothing.
  4. there is no surpressing this insanity Insane asylum nigga Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!
  5. 83 - haste edogg- busted flavicon- suicide
  6. collect unemployment which coincides with smoking marijuana and chronic masturbator
  7. And the magic word choose, choose : Hippopotimus and the ostrich and then ape and then ostrich again hmmmmmm.... how about MOVIE anyone down. a peice, color is encouraged but not mandatory
  8. DON'T VOTE ON HASTE YET Quoted post yeah whatever but Omen crushed dudes on that Haste. Quoted post [/b] Not necessarily, the haste battle is a very good battle. a lot of good competition
  9. now thats some fuckin graffiti, right there
  10. everyone thta i know that has gotten caught for graffiti has admitted to it and just accepted the punishment. Has anyone actually takin graffiti to trial. I need some help in this area because I have no intention of pleading guilty.
  11. throughout my life i have always felt that many people try to shut me down. but one time someone told me that i could be anything that i wanted to be as long as i put my mind to it.. and that is waht i believe. I want to be god and i believe i can and will be god. it may sound ignorant or irrational but thats what i believe.
  12. heres my tip if a cop sees your or you see acop or anything. you run. you run your fuckin ass off. like in the matrix. you run. beacuse 95% of the time, no cop is goona chase you that far for a tagger. so RUN
  13. StarzAbove is the man. This thread gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. And it wouldnt be nothing without him. MERRY CHRISTMAS STARZ and Thank You.
  14. ive had plenty of those nasty fucks. you cant let things like that bring you down, because you will go in a rut and when ever sex comes up youulll think of the last thing you fucked. and then you get the willies. :yuck:
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