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  1. Thats fucked up. That ryze was dissed and fixed once already. It was about 22 years old. the sane smith tags are about the same age or a little older. Done by SANE too. r.i.p. Way to go Toys...
  2. Nice. Arise..i remember seeing those tags over 2 decades ago.
  3. Pretty sure Serch (se.one) had SE throw ups w/ Judge up there too.(been years. wish i had those flix. i know cheat does) SMS held that rooftop down. That aroe flush takes the cake for longest running letters though.
  4. Pretty sure if you looked hard enough up there theres still partially buffed AT (alert) Koal era '89 tag and ZZ Zhar zhay posse stuff. The ZZ hits may go back even further. not sure.
  5. What you see under that Aroe on that rooftop is an unfinished Cheat and Coast. That Spot had late 80s rizz and alert stuff on it. 88/89(quite possibly even earlier work by first generation Boston Writers) Cheat had a sick burner up there from 1991. Judge had fill ins as well. Cloak may have had some tags and hollows. after that got buffed. they did this one in 95 Ran for maybe a year and got buffed.they attempted another go at it but got chased 1996 an unfinished cheat coast was up there until about 1999 when a aroe and flush did that one. Flix do exist of everything on that roof from the late 80s. If there was anything up there prior to late 80s it was before my time and any of the above mentioned writers times. Have not seen any documentation of that wall prior to 88/89
  6. There was plenty before them.going back to the late 80s
  7. Please keep the bickering off here out of respect. You should know better.
  8. Some words from MONE.1 T.F.P on his friend CASE.2 Real talk.... ***" I met Case 2 for the first time in the mid 90's through Cav. He called me up*** one night to paint, but I had other things going on. He responded by asking if I*** was sure because Case 2 was around and he wanted to do some freights. I quickly*** changed my plans and told him that I was in. We wound up painting almost till dawn in the lay up that night. From that point on me and Case 2 were friends. I had the honor of going on*** quite a few missions with him (he must have done a good dozen*** freights which not many people even know. We even got him out a few nights to paint*** some red bird subway trains in the scrap yard). Aside from painting I spent many days at his*** crib just hanging out with him and him mom (god rest her soul.). He lived with her in*** the same building that he did when Style Wars was filmed which bugged me out. > Case 2 was a one of a kind person. His personality and charisma was unlike*** anyone that I have ever met. When he walked into a room he would take it over. He was the life of the party.When we***walked around his neighborhood he was like the mayor.*** It seemed like everyone knew***him. ***Most people with a disability such as his might let that hold them*** back, but Case never did. He could do damn near anything, and do it with confidence.*** He was able to ride a bike down the***block while popping a wheelie the entire way (well when he was younger at least). He*** could climb fences, run, do whole cars, and when push came to shove knock*** someone out if he felt disrespected. He was someone that demanded respect, but*** would give respect in return.If anyone tried to mess with him, or the people he*** considered close he would put them in their place.*** > There was a period of time that i didn't see Case 2. I will never forget the reaction I got from him*** when i first walked up to him after those years. He yelled my name out really loud and hugged me so tight that I think my back still hurts to this*** day.*** ***I last painted with Jeff in 2009. We kept in touch here and there,*** but never did anything after that. I remember Sento*** telling me that i should hook up with Case a bit more, something which I now*** regret.My last real conversation with him was a few months back when his mom had passed away. I called to give my condolences and we talked for a long time. He said*** some things to me, which at the time meant a lot, but now means even more*** that he is gone. I'm fortunate to have had that conversation with him. I*** can at least smile when I think back on the final time that we spoke. ***The last time that i saw him was 2 days before he passed away in the hospital. I visited him a few times earlier in the week and he seemed to be showing signs of improvement.***He opened his eyes at times, nodded his head, and was able to move a bit. These were things***that i didn't see the pervious time that I visited. 2 days after that I got the news that he passed away and I didn't want to believe it.*** Jeff was one of the toughest people that I have ever known. The odds might have been against him this time,***but beating the odds was something that he*** had done his entire life. It was hard to accept the reality that this time the outcome was different. It really hit me hard. ******Case 2 was one of the most innovative, and influential writers that there ever will be. His*** styles are still being bit to this day by kids who don't even know where it came*** from. He left an impression on everyone that he crossed paths with and will*** never be forgotten.***His legacy will live on forever. >*** > Rest in peace my brother. Thank you for all of the great memories, and fun times. Show them how the Unbeatable King Of Style's does it up there! > Mone 1 > The Fantastic Partners. > >*** >***
  9. From the PART.ONE TDS Book. On The Run Books,Written by KET
  10. That Kase Chain car is off the hook! Anyone got the year?
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