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  1. is this some kind of "internet crew" lol
  2. or uh look at the F.A.Q.....
  3. you need an image hosting thingy.... www.boomspeed.com <---try that
  4. Ummmm i don't think you should be using that word unless you just wanna make things even worse for yourself.....
  5. i agree....just work on the letters.
  6. ..:cypher:..


    I like the shading, but if you look at the 3D it doesn't really make sense.....
  7. ..:cypher:..


    :eek: holy shit......
  8. ..:cypher:..

    new shit

    "I put these crayons to chaos" haha nice work especially when most of em are done in colored pencils....
  9. ummmm....i don't see any of em
  10. Hecz...what do you use for color on the 3d ones with the grid pattern on it?? That shits crazy
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