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  1. Crushingitselves... Corrugated irony
  2. its all true... ive been begging them to put me down for months now, even offered to tribute 50 cans but they reckon im just too wack ... :yuck:
  3. nice work, i like the blue bits
  4. Bailer and Runz with the hot shit... request some more Bicepa and Sens if anyones got any?
  5. TrashedNCrunk :krunk: DirtyMexicanNation :mexican:
  6. mo flicks, enjoy... or not, upp to you i guess. Doing Mad Numbers, Toys Need Counselling...
  7. eat shite and go paint some more legal walls you "anonymous" internet shit talker you..
  8. keep telling yourself that if you like.
  9. thanks riddimz for the flicks..
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