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  1. what the fuck!? i just bought some bucket paint and some fucking painthinner and tried to make my own marker. that shit is gay the paint doesnt flow and the thinner just sits on the top. i mixed it for 10 mins straight and the only thing that came out was paint thinner! Does it matter what type of thinner you use? and what kind of bucket paint, does it matter? I NEED HELP!!!:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :D
  2. i hope they sell blubber colors at like home depot or wal mart or something so i can stop buying montana off the internet and shitting my pants waiting for them:D
  3. clockwork orange isn't a graff movie although it is a good movie... this sucks i have mib2 and i have 200/300mb of mib3 and it won't download the rest graff movies i have from k-lite are: Dirty Hands 2 [half] Area 08 Men In Black 2 XTC Writers people suck i can't download anymore
  4. i got it like yesterday its good a ton of freights good buy worth the 25...ehh wst... o well but yeah good work fr8hound although i would like to see more live bombing:D maybe i should send in footage
  5. i just bought this movie over a cope2 shirt and it damn well better be good!!! better show me some good shit i just bought like 30 cans all together of montanas 750,600,400 mls, german fat cap, german outlines, and a totem2 shirt, and the dvd:rolleyes:
  6. XeR

    Freight Outlines

    can you people post the freight, truck, etc outlines? i searched for the old thread with the outlines and i couldn't find them so if you guys know where to find them or have them post them here! thanks:D
  7. XeR

    Graff on DVD?

    isn't this suppose to be dvd? and i thought war2 was on dvd:confused:
  8. alright thanks baby;) i didn't think you would really do it because i knew you were being sarcastic but i asked you anyways yeah i didn't know what the hell the ring thing you were talking about but now i know so its all good... crazy drips:D :idea:
  9. my bad i thought i put a thanks up in there somewhere for showing me how to do it with the eraser too... but yo i really cant get that shit off so pics would be helpful:rolleyes: really seriously if i rip it off the shit will be fucked up then ill need to replace it with the eraser but i dont have any so yeah thanks:D
  10. liar! the nib does not pop off of my kiwi i got my hands all dirty but it washes off easily so no biggie:rolleyes: but seriously it doesn't pop off or come off unless i rip the thing off and that would ruin it and i don't have any erasers and im suspended from school right now so i can't do that right now ehh:o
  11. if this question has already been answered then don't mind this post do you guys know how to refill a shoe polisher? because i found my moms shoe polisher and the crappy ink inside is not permanent and i wanted to refill it up with my otr ink so do i just cut the bottle near the tip and refill it and tape it back together or whats the best way to do it? thanks:D
  12. the liquid crack site is good but it only sells montana gold and tha shit costs 5.50 it should have other cans like 700 ml so if u want black u dont have to order a ton, if they had that i would of already ordered from there already i have $187 redrum:D
  13. there was something like that on style wars some dude had a freight of one of seens bombs and the guy found out and is like keeping it because he knows he can bank off of it:D
  14. hahah holy shit what a lucky cunt
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