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  1. that pic looks like its by TRANE roller....anybody got any closeups of the TRANE,OOPS KIMO rollers???they quite nice:)
  2. yo props jazz on that jam master jay, thats dope..RIP and this whole thread is dope, so its a bumper
  3. i second that, but one another note those are dope as fuck and mad original
  4. yo this shit doesnt work i tried copy and pastin it, but that duznt work either, repost? are you bcuz?
  5. word, go paint around 26th and Califronia, theres some dope spots there:rolleyes:
  6. yo post up the OWCH shit, thas my boy, do u got any of those BCUZ one liners? theyre dope
  7. Re: TAR word, i got the arkay project flicks
  8. i dont know about all this but koname is dope
  9. im lookin for sites/ people who can help wit a history of chicago graff- any contributions would be dope,thanks
  10. if i was of legal age to vote, i would and anyways daley will keep chicago in his hand until the day he dies.... so fuck it, lets post so flick of all hte bombing that goes down, and gets flicked in time:crazy:
  11. precisley what i was going to say and work on that hand, i dont know how awful you were before soo....
  12. It's Tricky. Antck Antck Antck Antck Antck
  13. okay?:o http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00273110f00000001.jpg'>
  14. queefing and having your peiod at the same time(:D :beat: )?
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