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  1. Weeeell, thanks for the info and shit talk. whoever said this was a stupid question was right, this whole internet graffiti thing is 90% waste of time. I dont know why I asked in the first place, its not like anyone's opinion on here is very important to me. I should of just gone with plan A and I think I will. If anyone has a problem with me or my name I'll take care of it in the real world if it comes down to it. So until then fuck it.
  2. video games... I dont like video games, thats not what the names about, i just got word about some old school head that right or wrote SYM i wanna know if its for real, i havent seen it yet
  3. Someone gimme a heads up on the name SYM. I've been pushin it for a little while now, whats the deal?
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