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  1. what's wrong with that question? put plainly he's asking if certain lines are buffed harder than others, no biggie, now try attempting to answer him instead of making yourself feel superior by dissing someone over the net. you londoners are hostile. and yes 'graffed up' is a gay word.
  2. good articles but how come so much information on JA can be dropped in a book of that calibre without the police or MTA jumping straight in and arresting him? like the karate kid info etc.? what the fuck?!
  3. boi_o

    British Freights....

    haha i like the way all freight topics have silly gay names, and all this topic says is Brittish Freights, hahaha nuff said yanks :lol: :lol: :lol: dunno how you americans can diss us, there ain't a whole scene dedicated to frates in the UK, its just a little fun novelty, and we still come out on top! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. yes yes http://www.graffiti.org/dj/17-1-2002/large/insides.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/dj/17-1-2002/large/mear.jpg'>
  5. boi_o

    On my travels

    http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/14/atg-spanc1.jpg'> caught my eye whilst browsing through hurtyoubad.com
  6. since when has 'bare' been a word for something that sucks/is bad etc.?
  7. boi_o

    On my travels

    Goddman for such a tuff spot that Kist is weak! i would have blatantly taken advantage of the picture frame effect, Kist is usually much more heavier. oh well props due anyways.
  8. why do all freight posts have to have gay silly names? at least it helps you filter em out. just making a point :lol:
  9. boi_o

    On my travels

    PUNKS yo ekto do you know who 'punks' is? seen some old reaches, thought he gave up then one of those east herts white trains rolled in with punks blams on the side. never seen any pieces tho.
  10. boi_o


    A Freight video? don't tell me that they a). make those kinds of videos and B) that people actually want to watch and buy that shit. Bet its pure excitement all the way
  11. boi_o

    LIRR - scraps

    how about some real american trains, scraps are weak, almost as weak as wack ass freights
  12. boi_o

    The Nifty thread

    anyone seen the nifty 2 colour with blue lady character at Hackney downs? on some metal container, looks dope. TPG destroy the WAGNs, shame most of em are buffed by the time they reach my bumpkin ways, spotted at NIFTY2 tag on the roof of a carrige today along with RAINMAN stainers all the way along the train, inside and out!?
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