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  1. I went to highschool with this guy. He is one of the chillest cats you will ever meet.
  2. Props to Learn and everyone on this bitch! These trains are the shit!
  3. You posted some of them twice. I think seeing them once was enough.
  5. Re: American WholeCar thread... waCK!!!!
  6. Listen up graffaz as I bust my rhyme I been outta the graff game for a mad long time And like da black man I always be committin crime But my boy came over just the other day And he like "Boy, it's time for us to spray!" So Im like yo...OK. So I grabbed some phat buds and Krylon and we're ready to roll Driving my phat ride and smokin a bowl We get to the yard and what do we see? Some phat ass chillers, hoppers, and tags from TTD We saw 4 bombs that all looked wicked So I took out my camera and flicked it So Yo, mad mc's just be frontin. But fu*k it, that why I always be sprayin steel and tin.
  7. TimReynolds


    AWE2...TCI...WCB keeping it alive !
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