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  1. "aint never scared" "breakfast burrito" "nigbot" "get out of my face motambo looking motherfucker"
  2. this is sick is hell.... one question though....whats retarded about this spot? imnot hatting just curious as to how hi up or street smaker type this is?? fresh non the less.
  3. chicago- bacci's. slice and soda for 3.50. bout it.hugest slice you've ever seen. maxwell street and underdog. sultans,lazos,and more bacci's.
  4. dude, quit being weird. i like most of you guys; but not all you guys. most of yous are friends. dont trip. come to where im at.... -pilled out and billed put.
  5. big foot actually exists off the 270(i think) in st louis. on the ford lot it sits.
  6. any illegals? clean trains? etc.?
  7. Sega Genesis


    hahaha shits had my rollin.......deuce funny. ayo aight im mad fused?? did you live in chicago for a while? back in like 97'?
  8. BiG uPs to CMW for reals.especially the peeps who i saw growing up in the game. JOKE,FLASK,DEZ. big ups to the new headz repping the dub how they should. REVISE and INDY. on some bout it street thang. SKOL, NYKE and ERIE still keeping it gangsta STREET ACTION. these are the cats that really need all the dap and credit. i feel if you wanna be in the graff bizz you need to put in that street work first. but i guess some people just decide to paint frights and be muralist instead of vandals but what evs. BIG UPS CMW. Mr.PiTBuLL.
  9. SO FUKING iLL...... FUKING THUMBS UP.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ohh my fuking lord!!!!! dem some hot azz prodos right derrr....
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