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  1. Kone


    MadChild from Swollen Members...
  2. Here's my latest... just learning how to do color really. its fun though.
  3. Kone

    Criteek Please

    great... now they're too fuckin small. fuck I'll have to fix them when i get back...
  4. Kone

    Criteek Please

    Thanks for the input guys... this is not some of my best work, as i have never really kept a blackbook but I will try to post some other shit... Oh and CrimeRates, I wouldn't really consider that as a "tech" piece but to each his own. I just did those cuz i didnt have a pencil handy... that's why you can see that the "s" is way out of place. Its just fun sometimes to know that you cant fuck up with pen... a bit challenging. Anyways thatnks for the replies guys
  5. Kone

    Criteek Please

    fuck these pics are big... sorry dudes
  6. This is just some of the shit i have been drawing latley. The pen drawings were freestyles (no pencil involved) and the color is prisma. By the way, i know most of this shit is whack but I;m just getting into it... Deks
  7. Kone


    It used to work... :cool:
  8. Kone


    ha! It was just a joke. Ha Ha! Got ya Tres. I guess you believe everything you read. Too bad. Thanks for the comments to anyone who has anything intelligent to say. Bump.
  9. Kone


    Check this out! http://images.ofoto.com/photos256/2/84/76/70/96/0/96707684205_0_ALB.jpg'> Took my beginner ass like two minutes. Feel free to rip me a new asshole.:cool:
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