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  1. Alma please check your private messages, i sent you a message.
  2. Re: rip kids dac Thanks for posting this I actually painted next to him in the last photo and that was actually the last time I got to see him. we had stayed in contact after that but I never got to see him again. Anthony you will be very missed and were loved by so many people. I am very happy that I got to know you and be on the same crew and all that shit. See you when I see you my friend.
  3. Nice catch! still got you on our minds Big Nick. I cant believe its been this fucking long now.
  4. EUROPE eat shit dick nose.....
  5. ban me fucks... ya whatever...
  6. Ya i was not talkin to you fuckmouth^^^^
  7. OH thats a good one fagatron....
  8. Ya cuz I listen to bring back suday and everything one thing fer sure I will beat yerr ass TOY>>>>
  9. whatever Dallas TOY^^^^
  10. EMO? what the fuck are you talkin bout toy?
  11. Ya im an idiot but yer still a TOY.....
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