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  1. que paso el mio feo! Post some more CMS! ROSE TUK RAY
  2. RIP DEPTE, one of Chicagos hardest street bombers. He kept everyone on their toes, and inspired many to keep graff on the bombing street level. No one will ever replace this street legend. He always kept it reaal, and was always down to light up. Rest in Peace to the street bombing king....DEPTE 1 Y fam..... peace to everybody keeping his name up... one love...FactROC
  3. thanksgiving eve-1999......jumped off a 3-4 story roof getting chase in a newly renovatged condo in Logan sqaure, chicago. (1 level above the expressway)Got away....., with 2 broken arms... and a busted head. i did a circus tumble roll onto my wrist, and shattered elbow. broke some fingers and hand bones too.pinched some nerves on the spin.. Metal Elbow plate, and a rod surgery on the wrist, bolted to the bone to align the heal. Ruined my break dance career,(i'm still better than i ever was) and made my graff career even better. Thank you Graffiti! how many stiches trackstandy? hope u heal dude. Yall younger guys got too excited last night. 10 rockers on a rooftop.. who would've thought, 10 ganstas...ages 14-35... colors of benneton...colonized by america.
  4. flikers of the krude and kiser memorials yo, i didn't get a flik, but if anybody got one of that kiser skol did by loyola, they should post it. Long live Kise.
  5. way to go on munching on Mpowr with the ghost, at least ya tryed modifying it. I guess the Peas is iiight.
  6. DAmn, those look like covey and kane styley. They would laugh if they knew how badd the permission wall posse was taking a bite out of their kungfu style. Thin lines, fake montana, and the same azz shyte. maka ya own ninja style, u wasta ya time you dumdum
  7. http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts/10.jpg'> http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts'>
  8. http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts/10.jpg'> http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts/25.jpg'> http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts/faktvidr.jpg'> http://www31.brinkster.com/artoffacts http://29.jpg'>
  10. ahh shut it grumpy goat, post some of that goat cheese cheedar ass!
  11. Skratching bombing sucks. were's the Ink stainer sides?
  12. Whatever, Zores Shit is off the hook. Don't sleep on Spray Brigade. Classik Legendary rocker
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