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  1. wERKa0d


    ha ha - e-mail? you never returned last 3. but hay. i buffed enough space today for 6 BIG peices if you want the low down... paint will take a day to dry... the whole city is buffed downtown... if your not on my list it goes in junk mail... j3rks0da@hotmail.com
  2. wendover, is the place, i never seen shit on them... they are put there to be erroded by natural causes, graffiti is natural...
  3. nah, i'm not mormon, utah has a mad cop disease. no joke. cameras every half mile down the freeways, they have neighborhood watch monitor cameras so they dont get busted for being big brother. painting there feels like escaping from prison... 2 big train yards right in the city, rio grande and union pacific hubs http://mobynuke.net/goad/albums/album02/acd.jpg'> http://mobynuke.net/goad/albums/album02/ace.jpg'>
  4. isn't any form of organized religion the vice of sheep? post some flicks....
  5. don't look if you get ill: but this scared the hell out of me... http://poetry.rotten.com/emt-train/
  6. think before you post fuck face. if you want to blow up your own spots, fine, but dont blow up others! keep pulling this shit and you wont be allowed to join in the reindeer games anymoe.
  7. i just seen last week, a new security car driving up and down the tracks in Pittsburgh, pa.. it looked like a armored car that the banks use, except the back is like a big ass window, there were 2 heads sitting backwards looking out back thyrough the window, and 2 in front scoping forward,,, the thing had gun holes, spotlites, sirens red and blue... marked Rail Security... i seen it coming when i was flicking some NSF stuff.. all that and i just hid in the brush 15 feet away from tracks, All that and the shit went right by and i finished taking flix at noon,,, i never seen that anywhere before, in Utah they use Quad runners in the yards where the vehicles can't get, in the narrows,, fuk shit. i hope i run into some terrorist messing with the lines, would be like getting some money back...
  8. , i bombed in Utah for a long time. start your lines from the top helps if you can mentally do it. that way the drip part runs down through the line and settles before it runs out... push cap down with your thumb... so your finger dont get stuck in a bent position,for real. even with gloves with the trigger finger cut off that happens... white clothing if you got it. long johns, snowboard boots like Vans cause they are lighter than basketball shoes... take time and let paint settle between steps, cause those drips will bleed into other colors,,, the foot prints bite, thats why you go in on the actual line if you can, cause they got to clear it to a point... if its bad out the pigs can't drive crazy on the streets... so its best if you are on foot the whole time, incase you got to bail.. i would just worry about your trail going into yard, cause linesman are bumping and shit and they are walking around anyway... There are big ass yard between SLC and Reno that just store unused cars and like 2 miles long 5 deep.. also between Ogden and Pocatello... Union Pacific ~ Rio Grande. if you have spots like that you don't have to worry about running into workers cause the yard are huge and you can see if someone is coming a mile away.... fuk it.. good luck...
  9. A0d aeon,werl,sober,tilt,syrus,sence,amaze,ces,taz,slej,ego,fuer,maze,kero,damager,swae.. and a few more.. where has everyone gone.. i'm in 412, pittsburgh pa.
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