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  1. MY DOPEST FR8 Dec60'> :D It's not the best but it's all Ive scanned.
  2. em bitches is mos def fuckable.:cool:
  3. camo-oner

    ANGEL - Spain

    angel has style like a mug:D
  4. some nice stuff,some wak ass stuff, however all is well.:D
  5. that eatfuk is out of F-ing control:D
  6. jabs knows what he's doin:D
  7. camo-oner


    crow fucko menes all crazy shit keep up the good work.:D
  8. I'm feelin the colors in that seone and here pieces.good post.:D
  9. it's been a little over a year since the tradgedy and yet I'm still speechless.RIP:king:
  10. what else is there to be said except for rest in peace.:(
  11. love that "ditch the date paint a freight"fr8 to who ever painted that good advice.:D
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