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  1. UCtoSF


    you can always check artcrimes
  2. Fake ass motherfuckers. First don't front like you know who I am cuz you don't! Second is that I heard the robbery story from my boy POEM who was there when it happened. So eat a dick faggots. You got straight robbed and punked like the bitches you are at gun point by some real niggas from the town. OAKLAND TAX BITCH
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Damn kid are you for real!? Your style or should I say someone else's style is fuckin recycled. That wannabe gangster shit is just about played out. Little rich ass preppy kids from the Sac-Town suburbs trying to act gangsta by robbing little skinny young kids in the yards. You aint foolin no one. You aint about shit. The only reason you can get away with that shit is because you roll with weapons and you roll deep. Nigga I'm anxious for the day I finally run into you or some of your homies. You better hope that pepper spray shoots faster than what I'm gonna pop off at you. Although there's a low risk of me finding you since you fags don't even bomb the streets. Go paint 105th bitch.
  4. Sorry... But I don't take my camera into the bathroom with me.
  5. Bitch you don't even know me. Please quit making new names on here to give you and your crew Internet fame. Plus your little Internet fantasy about how you're so big and threatening and a bad ass is really getting old. You're a useless piece of shit. You can lie all you want on the net but you know the truth. Karma is a bitch... Bitch.
  6. ***You're a fucking moron. End of story.**** ****Haha ok smart guy, you put in at least HALF the work this guy has on passenger trains and pieces, and then maybe your opinion will mean something. This guy is a monster, he's done more trains than you will ever see. *** Funny. Here I am, a Bay Area vet that's been active and consistent for the past EIGHTEEN years, I been in all the mags, videos, books, etc, I've been jocked on this website and others, yet you're gonna give me grief for TELLING you that trains are easy. Get off this niggas jock.
  7. Yeahhhhhhhhh.... right.... Haha, I'll tell you what, if he actually did do 4 whole cars in a hot spot, then he's an idiot. Out of all the yards to do trains in, this guy is actually going to pick one where his risk of getting busted is higher? I don't think so. I'm tempted to do a "trains are easy" wholecar, using 1 train per letter just to prove my point, but i'd rather use my paint for something more productive.
  8. It's a train yard. OF COURSE IT'S CHILL! I've painted some trains from time to time, and straight up, shit is way too easy. I spent a couple nights painting as soon as it got dark until the sun came up. If you're local train yard is hot find another one, they're all over. If you want a thrill paint the streets. I'm not puttin down fools who paint trains but I just get irritated when kids try to front like it's hot.
  9. Yeah Biter was straight foul... And came off like a little bitch. I even spoke with a few of his so-called homies who was at the wall that day and they agreed it was bitch made. Them kids aint shit and no doubt will get served in due time for pullin bitch-moves like they do. You aren't always going to have pepper-spray and your friends to back you up. There will be times when you're all by yourself with nothing but your fists to defend you, and that's when skinny lenky white boys like Biter get what's coming. If anyone is down I found out where he lives, if you got beef we can meet up and take care of that fool.
  10. Wow, judging by the negative comments on every single girl here, I have to make the assumption that everyone of you here must look so good to the ladies that you only fuck supermodels. Am I right? On the real I can't get some of you cats. You can only see the lower part of the broads stomach and you gonna call her a crack head? The Internet is a funny place when it comes to shit like this. Sometimes it seems to work the other way around too. I've seen threads where a girl will have half of her face covered and niggas jump on her like she's gold. And by the way, if you wouldn't fuck that Nina broad (as if you actually had a chance), I'd have to question your sexuality. No, she's not top-notch or nothing, she's a little pasty but she's fuckable. I've fucked worse.
  11. UCtoSF

    Bootie Pics...

    Grossest you've ever seen? What's wrong with it, besides it looking a little red (as if someone was spankin it, haha), it looks normal. And "get that chick to shave?" Nigga, you stupid if you think that girl needs a shave. All she got is a bit on the top...
  12. Ay, my folks was tellin me about some cats around the East Bay claimin to be 640. I haven't talked to any of my folks down with that in a long ass time so if anyone got some connects... do me a favor and ask one of the REAL 640 mob if they know about some nigga named TWEAX and some nigga named DOSK From what I been hearin them motherfuckers been claimin 640 with some shit close the the N. Hayward BART niggas are makin this shit look bad for the real 6'ers if they fake
  13. Biter is going to die. Rot In Piss Biter.
  14. The "real" Else doesn't handle shit unless he's got friends and weapons near. Check the statistics. Pussy.
  15. *I've heard of people with balls standing up to worse odds.* Haha. Obviously none of your boys got them balls you know so much about cause 15 of them together was too scared to take on one dude without using weapons. Bitch-made motherfuckers.
  16. The weapon of choice of someone scared to get out of their car? How about your fist ya big pussy!? By the way, was he supposed to get out of his car when he's outnumbered 15 to 1? Hardly a fair fight, but it doesn't surprise me. That's how they have to roll.
  17. Biter why dont you tell these kids what a bitch you are? I heard about you a police baton and pepper spray, what a sucker.
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