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  1. TedBundy317

    bloomington indiana

    It its not A Sizzle or Exiles who gives a shit?
  2. TedBundy317

    Indianapolis Graffiti

    a few things i havent seen...
  3. TedBundy317

    colder days...

    Word I see that nigga in my yard alot.
  4. TedBundy317

    theres a kid drinkin fire...

  5. TedBundy317

    All mine...all caught today 02/10/04

    Stank and the MUL kids.
  6. TedBundy317

    cigarette smoke

  7. TedBundy317

    cigarette smoke

  8. TedBundy317

    when its all over say "my what a lovely tea party"

    Yes...Hot shit...
  9. TedBundy317

    No More Playin Games...

    Thank you for this hot post... Stae, Gouls, Worms, Lewis, and Arys just to name a few....
  10. TedBundy317

    Large Ass Layup

    Rich has the hot stuff...Good post.
  11. TedBundy317

    rod stewarts' savage summer.

    This is the greatest fucking thread around right now...It makes me want to sit around all day like Tony Montana and dive in my mounds of coke and look at Equal....KEEP FUCKING WRECKING SHIT...
  12. TedBundy317


  13. TedBundy317

    losing a day...

  14. TedBundy317

    the special technique of shadow benching

    Cue...Holla I would like to see the Acero and Rich on that car also...pz