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  1. did you get my email willy?
  2. Why, willy? i would but... i t seems kinda weird.
  3. gay? your shit is dope. dont let this kids tell you anything you got skill and we know it. hit up federal buildings, fuck the system. graffiti is beautiful
  4. ANEL*PS


    haha it really does look like a tree. i tried some new styles, since im in a 'toy' stage and i think they look alright. i will post them up later. thanks for the comments guys, negative or positive i didnt feel any disrespect towards me ;]
  5. ANEL*PS


    im just starting out, writing for like 5 months. haha hey at least I'm not a virus
  6. ANEL*PS


    i got bored this morning http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00279393f00000015.jpg'>
  7. What was that ksm? I dont think you should hide behind a keyboard and talk shit. Fuck if you have a problem with me complimenting people's work then just say so instead of being a "tough guy" over the internet.
  8. atak is dope as fuck but i think above is too.
  9. death metal kicks ass, but i say punk is a little better.
  10. it dont matter,you just stole someone elses work, its not doing any good for you, is it? :mexican:
  11. Props to everyone. <3 the 3d style hecz.
  12. you would get alot more respect if you didnt post at all, or if you change your name and admitted your biting up front from the beginning
  13. You only admit it when people find out its not your shit. If nobody said anything you would have gone with "nah i did it my idea etc. etc." You're a bigger toy than the fucking G.I Joes
  14. dear virus, 1. you suck 2. you bite 3. then you lie about it Stop trying to graff and stick to suicide bombing or whatever you do.
  15. ANEL*PS

    war zone

    LOL dont contribute this thread is just for him to bite.
  16. ANEL*PS

    toy battle..

    let me judge too! Im not that good but i know what looks good and what doesnt
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