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  1. i'm not the one who came up with it, and i told the fool its taken :twitch:
  2. well hp can suck a fat cock. fuckin kids. especially seb. Broad dropped it, but I still rock asm. I dont really write. Just bust some shit when a marker is availible. I'm in alaska now though, so it's kind of hard to do shit when its like fucking -5 degrees outside
  3. no, i only cap you when i have markers ;/
  4. hahah! and you can?:rolleyes: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and jetmr doesnt write jetmr anymore. i think he only sketches nowdays. he writes "WHAT?" with "the", and "makr" FR(fuckin retards)
  5. niiice. is that red virus and blue kast at salt lake elementary school? graff4evaz, if you do talk to sein and chomp, pleasee tell them asia asm said what up ;]
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: asm would burn you anyday, virus! even jetmr! :D ASIA asm lsr LAKESIDE reppin 12.
  7. nah the big island got some tight people, like spook
  8. I was looking on xanga.com/imperialfleet and that gave me the impression that the big island is weak, cause I didn't like alot of the stuff I saw, but when I saw some of the nicer stuff it was BANGIN! This blackbook stuff is fucking nice. Do you chill with MR?
  9. no not new york nyc is a bitch ass crew
  10. I think themo and him are in the same crew.
  11. Post in the training bible next time. shit, I broke a sweat just from lookin at them drawings :burned:
  12. ANEL*PS


  13. yeah virus send that book down here to hawaii. Bogus will hit it up, i'll hit it up, and alot of others will hit it up. not with gay shit.
  14. girls from seven eleven stay up all night!
  15. HOOOOOO THATS NUTZ BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!1 hohohohohoho braddurkine peepul ub huwaii plese help mi braddur POLIO POLIO!
  16. I could fucking drop a turd that looks better than that.
  17. mister jet, what are you talking about :D my shit aint dope:rolleyes:
  18. virus(or pixel whatever you fucking call yourself), quit bitching. All of us have trouble getting lots of things but we dont bitch on the internet about it
  19. niiiiiiiiiice. does that say 'deviant'?
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