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  1. haha! thats some shit. had that happend to me too. except i dont have a girl :( but man i get irritated at that jackspot cause theres cops looking all over with binoculars just by the park
  2. It would be better to encourage rather than to say something like that. come on man! damn, i should have gave m*****o my book so i can see some real skill, huh? :D
  3. i cant see the L well but i like it! it's pretty ill.
  4. nork from the lakeside? i think i do :confused: he likes to talk shit to me:dazed:
  5. http://lakeside.webspace4free.biz/129.jpg'> lavoski http://lakeside.webspace4free.biz/130.jpg'> liahona(done for a friend) http://lakeside.webspace4free.biz/131.jpg'> urn. the "n" is covered by the character. forgot I didnt have room http://lakeside.webspace4free.biz/134.jpg'> asia sorry about the quality. it's a webcam. thats all i have to work with
  6. it's not the pens that make your stuff look good, it's how you use them. You dont have to use a pen the same way everyone else does ;] get creative, rip out the cotton inside and use that, etc.
  7. in my opinion the last one you posted was illest, kwaz
  8. I just moved to alaska. I seen like 2 tags, and i had to look HARD. One was some skater shit, the backwards P and the D or some shit and some other tag. I am in anchorage. I'm supposed to get some supplies soon, so I think I'll be the only head in anchorage, if what you guys is saying is true. BTW, the only graff here is legal, saw some at school. FUCKING GAY!!
  9. Totem teach and tie are illlllllll! god damn, that broad is FINE
  10. do you have anymore broad pics? if so can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase email them to aim_host664@hotmail.com thats my homeboy ;]
  11. props to chomp too ;] please tell maim that I told him to quit being a pussy. You know my real name dont you?
  12. hah. hp is mostly highschool freshmen straight out of middleschool. thats tight though. get in the game early and practice. Fuck seb. Much props to sein and maim, even though they aint got much skill they're comin up ;]
  13. virus, you aint shit. it's nice you're gettin up but you fucking suck. atk hp dmk? first off atk is a crew that can barely bust some decent shit hp is a bunch of kids who just started and dmk? never heard of it.
  14. asia with ASM LSR FR FAS urn with FAS the with FR
  15. does anyone have pics of FADE DE"K's stuff?
  16. that broad is pretty fine. heh skam..808? you're wack. i bet you bite hp and call crimestoppers:lol: i fucking suck, and i think you suck more than me. thats sad.
  17. wow. i never seen anyone bust an oe tag for like 4-6 months. they all dropped it. i used to write OE too until they told me to drop it cause i did some stupis shit at industrials :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. i thought you were from the middle east, dont you mean '911' instead of '972'?
  19. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: wtf was i smoking :confused:
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