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  1. will ya know, out of site, out of mind. - thanks for the comments. peace 12oz P. - since day 1.
  2. Yo updated my site: http://www.fatoe.com peace 12oz!
  3. damn man over seak?! you trying to get my ass kicked?:D i ship anywhere in the world (and have) peace.
  4. think about it like this... 2 . 8 x 10 inches = 16 x 20 inches or you could buy 2. :idea:
  5. Re: HOTT yo cheese, yeah that's the idea, each one is unique in their own special way - the same, but different. thanks for the feedback homies. if i had the choice to buy art or a eighther - i'd get the bag and make my own art. peace.
  6. New painted canvas print series: ---------------------------------------------- www.fatoe.com/_art/union/index.html Proccess: _ Illustrated/painted _ digital remix _ output on 8" x 10" canvas _ spraypainted _ shipped to your door :D http://www.fatoe.com/_art/union/images/detail_01.jpg'> http://www.fatoe.com/_art/union/images/detail_02.jpg'> Stickers & Insert art provided by Twenty Five.org _ Official
  7. fatoe

    Artwork Critique

    Methodz: I ship anywhere in the world.:king: Can't tell ya my secret sauce ;) g.o.b. yes I did that aries design for tank theory, got a new shirt coming out this summer. thank you.
  8. fatoe

    Artwork Critique

    Peace thanks for the feedback my personal favorite is the 1st, I like the minimal approach from time to time. no formal art studying, I'm homegrown. There's nothing art school can teach you that graffiti can't. I strongly feel that practicing graffiti art teaches you allot about discipline, layout, illustration, color theory, and self gratification for when you know you rocked a hot one. The competitiveness of the culture drives one to want to succeed and push their limits. rass Kas..yeah I'm like the worst speller on earth. But that's the labels bad for not spotting that before production. again...thanks. respect.
  9. Looking to get comments/feedback on the latest designs and artwork: http://www.fatoe.com/_art/images/lucha_01.jpg'> http://www.fatoe.com/_art/images/lucha_02.jpg'> http://www.fatoe.com/_art/images/lucha_03.jpg'> These peices are mix media illustrations on 8" x 10" canvas. site updated: _ Fatoe Peace.
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