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  1. Janlo

    the TRANE thread

    bravo but wheres is his jungle whole car with the lion and shit?
  2. Janlo

    post up tha weirdest styles

    its not because it doesnt have the traditionnal NYC style it means it isnt good. open your mind a little bit and try to be awared of other styles and concepts This piece isnt the best letters ive seen, but theres a concept, a feeling and originality about it that i dont see often. And just for that he marked a point. i rather see that, than some bited NYC style that i saw 300000 times
  3. Janlo

    Rollin' through Montreal #6

    satan! siner and those rail fans photos :)
  4. Janlo

    on my own travels

    pin up est en feux!
  5. Janlo

    Spanish subways [eyegasm update]

    eyegasm i love your site, but its too damn slow to dowmload.. :(
  6. Janlo

    You've all been waiting for this !

    merci l'ami! gotta love those parisians trucks:)
  7. Janlo

    You've all been waiting for this !

    bah je suis moi quoi...(!!) que dire j suis pas de France mais je connais bien..
  8. Janlo

    You've all been waiting for this !

    c'est d'la bombe Pinup! je suis sur que t'as des beaux petits camions a nous montrer! hein? continues!
  9. Janlo


    SHAFT! nice thread
  10. i was in Roma last summer for 2 weeks i remember seeing a Taylor piece on the A, some ANK top2bottom, old Rews piece.The... some Howen piece in a B station and me rocking tags around termini ! ahhhh Romaaaaa Roma campione!
  11. Janlo

    Sucker Puncher...............

    yeah me too i'd like some info about those KRL cars so neat
  12. Janlo

    Steven and Konker.

  13. are u living in Roma by the way?
  14. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/joe6.JPG'> stand rome a line (probably from 94) [/b] heeeyy i saw that panel when i was in Rome 2 years ago i dont remember if i saw it last year though, is it still running? and who the fuck is the toy upside stand? i saw his shit everywhere AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE B LINE?? WHY IS IT BUFFED :mad:
  15. Janlo


    Asterix is the biggest comix success in the francophone world Every child from france , belgium quebec etc begins to read it at small age, but you still can read them at adult age. there's a big theme park Asterix in France theres 2 Asterix movies , and the last one ( Mission Cléopatre) is one of the biggest success movie in France Smart humour, fresh drawings... can't get better than this