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  1. pharone


    shit i gotta ton of horeski flicks i need to figure out how the hell to post all them fuckin things
  2. bump for 23 yo yo 23 man dont let this be your last post.. your shit is good keep it up post more please... and as for haters we all have them but who fuckin cares... props to the whole gee pers kreepers family, some i know and some i wish i would meet... yall kill and you all know it.. cant wait to only see more from such a mind blown krew as for the rest of the people there props... glad to hear that you all had fun an hope to see more from you in the future 23 keep up the good work.... thank you for listen and nothing gold can stay unless it is gold plated like the productionally cats up in them fliccs piece... love one another...
  3. bump bump for hick he is get up like crazy...
  4. pharone

    andre status

    bump hey to vagrok man bump you got some sicc fliccs goin on in here you should add some more mann.....
  5. pharone

    B4F Crew

    gimer hole car hey that kid should atleast show so love to the kid that helped him or wait does he know some one helped him with it hahahhaa.. so pores dont make to much fun of him maybe he is just slow but you still gotta love him for it hahhahaha.. peice
  6. flower you said that you would diss and fight HK are you kiddin me they would fuck you royally no doubt about that one sorry
  7. pharone


    shor you crazy man whats goin on mann
  8. pharone


    portland rets hey man i know there is a kid out in p-town oregon that is reppin rets just wonderin if it be the same kid
  9. the throwies are sick i like the abhor always comes wit crazy shit
  10. hey chesty laru were did you get the flicks of the rifels and keyed and fern stuff let me know there work is alwas so sick
  11. pharone

    femmes only

    to ekos and phem those peices were sick that you both did you each have a sick style much props peice
  12. fern your spidey charactor that you did with rifels is soooooooooooo sick and that wolverine that rifels did ooh
  13. flicks hey graff doc sorry bout not sendin thoses flicks that i said i was going to send you i have had troublein signin on and i need you to send me your info again when i get everything workin i will send you an email or hit me up in here peice
  14. grafdoc i gots lots of oregon fr8 flicks if you wanna hit me up i will trade stickers wit you too i think that i have some left
  15. Re: Re: they diss cos they cant paint like this hey dose anyone on here kmow kops or maze
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