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  1. Actually you dumb bitch I've had this screenname since November 2002 as an idiot can clearly see. <-------------------------------- You're just mad cause you got called out.
  2. Yes it applies but not in the context that she's a graff hoe -remember tribe was tribe way before we started seeing her naked ass next to her graff.
  3. whether she's out there and what she wears while she's out there isn't the upfront issue that I'm addressing, maybe it's hot where she lives and she was wearing shorts -irregardless the issue is that she has allowed pictures of herself to be posted of her painting graff while wearing some skimpy ass outfit as if to say "I'm not sure if my graff is that good but if it's not, you can admire my ass as compensation." She's trying to get attention for being a girl who writes because being a girl who paints graff is a novelty and she doesn't have enough confidence to let her graff stand on it's own. And I know you wouldn't mind seeing her in a thong, that's a given, I wouldn't mind seeing alot of girls in a thong, however there is an appropriate and inappropriate time to identify yourself as sexy or sexual or seductive, and graffiti is an inappropriate time if you are a female.
  4. Why doesn't this bitch just paint in a fucking thong..fuckin tramp. What kinda skank ass bitch goes painting in some fucking daisy ass dukes, allows her picture to be taken and then posted on the internet. Fuckin GRAFF ass HOE. I mean are we supposed to be looking at your graf or ass? You get no respect posting shit like that. It's not cute. If you're gonna represent in graff..your skills if you have them will speak for themselves...posting shit like that is just gonna get you clowned and not taken seriously.
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