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  1. g.o.b


    you texas fuckers owe me a pair of pantses for making me nut myself at work. FUCK. tight shit. where can i see some of this stuff painted?
  2. g.o.b

    Alphabattle Letter "G" boyaa

    Vlad as others have noted the hand style is nice. it's simple. my suggestion is that you model your letter outlines after your handstyle. by model, i mean make an outline that looks exactly like the letters in your hand...nice and simple. build on that.
  3. g.o.b

    The Babble

    those stencils on page one are retarded....blush....i am in love. the rest of the stuff on this thread that i am able to see (some x's on page one) are great. good to see some diversity. thanks
  4. g.o.b


    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by GOTone I'm guessing KRIE is from down under. yeah.makes sense....ignore me . ha.
  5. g.o.b


    krie...are you in cleveland?
  6. g.o.b

    Jyce or Jice?

    go with jice and make the i a big ol penis....every single time.
  7. g.o.b


    inspiring...nice work. have you got posted flics of painted pieces in brickslayers or metal heads?
  8. g.o.b


    "i was online and saw this,just thought that itlle be good for u guys to see. " so is this some one else's work? just curious....
  9. g.o.b

    Artwork Critique

    your name did you do a design for a t-shirt for a company called "tank theory"? it has a graphic of a goat's or rams skull....if that's you, me likey. either way, great work