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  1. Ive been having a hard time processing the passing of LM4 for the past 3 hours now. Good friend of mine, I guess I'll have to reflect on it a little while. I can say at least now he's with his best friend Rem311 up in heaven! Thank you guys for taking me in and teaching me how to paint and conduct myself in this game. TGF MOB/JHF Leroy always kept it funky! Rest well my friend
  2. Rest In Peace Case 2......The man had a voice that commanded respect and style that powered this art form! Im glad I had a chance to be in his presence.......King of Style!
  3. shouts to Core2! what up Target!!!!!!
  4. bump that muthafuckin Snatch!
  5. it saddens me that we lost a great person and a very kind soul, which made Elliott a rare breed in this game filled with snakes. I always enjoyed talking with him. Ill never forget the yr we took over the red roof inn up in Binghampton....we partied hard. The next beers for you Royl! RIP
  6. I love hearing these stories.............all I wanna say is you guys remember the blue van Rem had with the JHF letters on the back doors? Homie was fearless! Loved his crew and loved Mount Vernon!
  7. RIP my good friend REM311. We are gonna miss you! Just How Fresh Just Having Fun Justice Has Failed
  8. That was back when they were doing construction on that on ramp to I95 back in what? 89? I miss this shit... Now Rule....TMChillin
  9. yo Jent get at me....i tried to send u a private message but couldnt. peace...JHF TMC TGF MOB
  10. Re: UPS CREW '93 TIL INFINITY' LOL....American Terrorist maybe. Unidos Para Siempre!!!!!
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