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  1. page 24 anal intrusion read thoroughly can you go to jail for not being up?? i've always thought the answer was no or not really i shouldn't really care either way....


    or go to the PRIMATES WITH CANS thread..
  3. Re: got flicks... SCRIBBIN the SCRIBE ! heheh
  4. not bad i'd like to see some tighter (as in ILLEGAL) spots though.. legal and in the cut shit is boredom
  5. that has to be the most assinine thing i've ever heard kids today... sheesh i need a drink


    oh wait i just bumped this.. looks like i'm the nerd.....
  7. that shit is hot big up to the colnel, kingin shit as always:king:
  8. so innovative.. at a time in graffiti when everything is so recycled, copied, and stagnant, its nice to see stuff like this. bump bump
  9. i'm going to have to go against the masses and vote for the cowgirl.. she is breaking my achey breaky heart (sorry i had to say it..)
  10. bill brasky?? you know, this one time, he scissor kicked angela lansbury

    Police Cars?

    if you're afraid of getting caught painting a "desolate spot" then graff is not for you my friend. if you want to come off as an artist then go buy a canvas and paint that. i'm sure other "artists" will respect you BUT if you want to have any type of respect as a WRITER you have to take that shit to the streets. i don't care how well you can paint, if you only do it in chill spots then a real writer you are not. the main point of graffiti is to be up the most with the most style in the craziest spots. anything else is just faking the funk.
  12. http://www.seemesmile.com/photos4/3023448a.jpg'> haha that made my night so THAT'S what i've been doing wrong all this time....
  13. http://www.digitalnova.net/~krial/uol/fws/cool.jpg'> [/b] that COOL piece is on fire off the hinges :lol:
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