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  1. its from the beggining of sebutones 50/50 album
  2. been seeing alot of pa freights in central coast cali.....
  3. BillyGator

    GTB crew?

    i suck at posting flicks, so check out www.408graffiti.com:idea:
  4. damnit dephy whatd i tell you about having sex with blind spider monkeys you pervert, shit.........no more trip to the zoo for you, by the way you still pushing fhtw?
  5. checkout.... buck 65 sebutones sixtoo cloudead, somereally trippy ass shit but there still dope josh martinez mcnroe artit from anticon, sole doseone, alias, odd nosdam,the pedestrain,i cant think of the rest sage francis slug/atmosphere so called arist dj shadow dj krush dj kraze jel mr dibbs dj mayonnaise 1200 hobo's deep puddle dynamics shape shifters check out these sites a well www.anticon.com www.dirtyloop.com www.peanutsandcorn.com theres so many differnt styles out there so it all depends on what your into ohh yea cant forget oldschool beastie boys....
  6. kose is a fuckin savage! post some king sick boy and hindue
  7. BillyGator


    when will kids learn that msk and lts didnt invent that type of style
  8. BillyGator


    dont let this thread die, post your ads flicks ill probly post some more later on
  9. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by nak honestly tho, how the fuck do these guys hit the sides of Highway bridges? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- have you tried taking a real good look at the pic? youll find it to be not so hard....;)
  10. BillyGator


    sick,post more mark/elite:king:
  11. its just a poor exscuse to hate on them.....
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