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  1. Let me get on this shit for min. Tears, you must bea spoil brat. What the hell is wrong with hollows my nigga? Please, what the fuck you do to get your name out there? Cause the way you talk, you ain't no new york bomber it sounds like yourself. I've seen slyde shit around some areas and not so great and pretty decent ones around his area so I know...all he needs is pratice and more of that along with a mentor.
  2. Ok I was gonna back you up but you had to go and say something dumb.
  3. Yo Tears uno, I saw some of your gay shit and you not all that great ethier nigga. Ranking on some others work doesn't make you look kool. Plus looks like this nigga can out rank your ass on the computer anywayz. PE#ce out.
  4. you are certainly a fagat.
  5. that shit is garbage kinda....
  6. your all fucking toys....well....some of ya :king:
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