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  1. jaber

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    wow. this is one reason why i can appreciate the net. I don't have this pic and it shows that at one time dtc and dfm were cool. I wish people wouldnt have the egos and envy they have and maybe we wouldnt have this beef. Jaber
  2. be on the look out for " TRANSIT" and "GRAFFLIFE"........ see ya in the yard
  3. nope im all good, but thanks for your concern. check out www.transitmovie.com
  4. check out www.transitmovie.com trying to hype it up...
  5. Re: nice belmont pics hey mr g how did you get to see that film? I just got my copy and I worked on the movie. and yes that spot is fairly legal.but i heard it won't last long...
  6. check out transitmovie.com thanks
  7. check out www.transitmovie.com...................
  8. Re: Re: Re: online graff videos I think its good, why don't you check it before you talk about it?
  9. jaber

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    um not everyone has the equipment to show photos for the internet people.
  10. el kamino always like seeing elk stuff.even though he would'nt be caught dead on a 12 oz thread.....
  11. Re: JABER um i'll keep that in mind turbo dog.thanks
  12. hey drunk sober where you catch that one?
  13. jaber

    fuck walmart

    wowwy wow i don't even have any pictures of those white frieghts....thanks for taking the pic p dizzzz
  14. possible consumption issues, however i believe the frown was an addition to the elusive moniker....I highly enjoyed the post of these fine works of art on this page.
  15. oooo im feeling those kiro and genes freights... and like the hit ups too...... i guess its all about those colors these kids got nowadays...... well im off to walmart. tight tight.
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